Should be called The Two Noble Numpties. They love each other better than their lives or liberty, and they fall to fighting over a woman who’s pretty indifferent to both of them. Meanwhile the woman who adores Palamon so much she risks her own life and her father’s life to help him escape, is a abandoned and goes mad. All that nobility shit doesn’t apply to Women Of The Lower Classes. See the movie The Duelists for other example of how noble sentiments don’t apply when abandoning women you’ve been pumping to poverty and a head full of rotting teeth. Also this poor, unnamed bint falls into the hands of a doctor, who like most of his profession until the 20th century, considered shagging the answer to all her woes. So she’s mentally ill and being sexually exploited by a dirty old quack. As a secondary plot, it kinda over-shone the main one about a pair of puddin’s trying to kill each other for no good reason.