Actually really good, really interesting tour around the mutant world. It’s not surprising I like this, you can see the influence of Alias/Pulse here, which I’m a big fan of. But it also does something that I always thought was obvious and a real missed opportunity in X-Men storytelling, which was the stroll through the world. Like Transmetropolitan simply toured a big, beautiful, fucked-up, interesting world, why did no one think that the X-Men universe, for all its extremes and bombastic nature, would be worthy of the same treatment? Isn’t it just enough to look at a world in which all these impossibilities are real? And how it all hangs together? And with something as devastating as M-Day, the last thing I wanted to read was how it was simply ignored in the wave of the next exploding peril.

There is, I should mention, a serial killer storyline, because it seems like everything needs at least one nowadays, or the plot is considered turgid. Up the body count. But the storyline in this seems almost an irrelevancy, a distraction. It’d have been better to leave it out altogether. Yet everything else is gold, or at least silver. Very good. Just looking at the side characters, those people the core X-Men team blow past or chew up and spit out. What are they doing now? What are their lives like? And what are the real consequences of M-Day? Just much better writing than about 90% of what goes under the X-Men name. This is definitely one you should pick up, it’ll at least be interesting.