After having read my last, very depressing book, I decided to read something funny to cheer myself up. In hindsight, choosing this book to read was a mistake. It should be called “Things I Would Have Said On Mock The Week”. Just in case you missed him, this is what he had to say.

Frankie Boyle is frequently described as a ‘controversial’ comedian. This means he occasionally does jokes about being disabled or raped. Perhaps if he didn’t insist so much upon his credentials as the voice of the underdog and oppressed, saying the unsayable, people wouldn’t take it as such appalling hypocrisy. Frankie is not a controversial comedian, he is a lazy comedian. He is very funny and articulate and produces some great satire. He also cannot let an open goal go by him. Which is why so much of his act seems to be, “Racism is awful and just perpetuates negative stereotypes, like jokes that go ‘A black man walks in a bar . . .” Apparently doing jokes at the expense of vulnerable people is okay so long as you do it as though you yourself are condemning it, although you’ll accept the applause either way. It is shooting fish in a barrel. It is rehashing some of the oldest and most tired material because it’s easy. That’s not daring. It’s wanting to have your cake and eat it.