DURTY! Had seen the first series of True Blood but enjoyed this so much more. Ironically, it was more silly and less dumb. True Blood tries hard to look sleek, sexy and cool. This book is funny, and silly, and a big adventure. It’s got vampire Elvis and vampires speaking at genealogical societies and so many other daft things. And the narrator’s voice is so much more sassy and funny than Anna Pacquin’s drab performance. And there are no shit B-plots with obnoxious side characters. Honestly, just the best fun, a giant romp, highly entertaining, and just what I need right now.

Also, it’s full of shagging. Don’t listen to the audiobook in a public place, you won’t know where to look. And good shagging, no anaemic, lackluster, Twilight, almost-shagging. The scene where he crawls out his grave and fucks her right there in the dirt and the rain – HAWT.

Can’t wait to read the rest.