This installment isn’t terrible but it is weak. Yet MORE fairy shit no one cares about. Recycled villains. And a total lack of resolution of any kind. It just kinda ends. I don’t agree it’s awful, but definitely weak by the series’s standards and definitely a poor note to end on.

You have to understand, by the time she was writing these last books, True Blood was already on the air, making shite tv out the early novels. It’s almost like the shiteness of the show actually started to rub off on her ability to write the books. For the first time in the series, in Dead Ever After, perspective shifts for first person Sookie to third person shitty side characters and baddies, just like in the series. So you get more of all the shit that bugs you about the show and all the early novels were improved by the lack of, stuff such as baddies malevolently foreshadowing their plans amongst themselves, overlong scenes which would be better played out as straight action with the discovery of motive later, and downright filler. Also, a sad dearth of shagging.

It reads tired and strained, like it’s stopped being fun for the author, which is sad because it was still certainly fun for me as a reader. I can only hope Harris takes the time off and away that she needs, and maybe returns in a few years with a proper ending that’ll leave us all satisfied.