Now THIS is how you write a survivor of child abuse. Sherman Alexie presents a character who is very believable, identifiable, whose spirit has become one twisted angry fist.

In this story, the main character gets Christmas Caroled/Quantum Leaped/unstuck in time a la Billy Pilgrim. At a critical moment where it looks like all his rage, frustration, isolation and powerlessness is about to overtake him in a devastating, life-ruining act of violence, the main character is transformed to see out the eyes of others, across space and time, to finally gain perspective and context on his pain. This perspective ranges from the social – how his inheritance as a mixed race Indian has shaped his life – to the personal – how his father’s absence has marked him. This sounds like it could be naff, but it’s not. That’s what good writing does. It can take you anywhere and be good because it’s done well.

Definitely recommend it as a good book for angry boys. Although it’s a great read for anyone, even this adult who used to be an angry girl.