So effectively it’s the plot to Rose Madder, only instead of Rose having an abusive relationship with her husband, Lisey’s husband has an abusive relationship with his father, and instead of disappearing into a fantasy world in a painting, it’s just a random fantasy world out of nowhere. It also has the pacing problems Insomnia has, where just as you think it’s reaching its climax, it becomes clumsy, woolly, and generally far too long and stretched out and boring. Other than that, it’s fine. No honestly, the writing is for the most part very good. Lisey’s voice comes across clear and well-defined. I liked the relationships between her and her sisters. Oddly, I enjoyed all the non-horror parts the best, which is not like me. Their marriage, Lisey’s grief, Scott’s childhood – I felt these were all the best parts. The fairyland, the psychopath, the Wendigo (or whatever it is), actually don’t really add a whole lot to the story. Their marriage is the centre of the book and I kinda would just have liked to leave it at that. Anyways, a good enough read.