This is the first Chuck Palahniuk novel that I felt was less than tight. It’s in need of another draft and a fair bit of editing. This does not mean I didn’t enjoy it, I did. Chuck Palahniuk on a bad day is better than most other authors on their best day. And it’s not so much that the whole thing’s a mess, just that it feels it has a cut-and-shut ending. It feels abrupt, like the plot keeps taking jackknife turns and because it’s already being told from multiple first person perspectives, it can get to feel a little confused.

I liked it when I figured it was a Palahniuk style werewolf story, a story of an alternative/near future world in which the major class divide was between those curfewed by day and those curfewed by night, into which a plague of rabies enters, reducing the nighttimers to feared, dangerous, social scapegoats and pariahs. My advice to anyone reading it, is stop when they start getting into time travel.