So many things to dislike. Right, first the plot is formulaic and predictable. Secondly it doesn’t make sense.


So Emperor Sunfire, under the sanction of Magneto, is experimenting on the remaining, cowed human population to turn them mutant despite the fact that this process universally kills them. Um, why? . . . *crickets chirp* . . . Anyway, fuck that, BIG FIGHT!

Ugh. And Jubilee and Dust are constantly drawn in as little clothes as possible. Really guys? I get they’re meant to be fun-loving teenage girls but does every panel need to show their tits brimming over the small sliver of material between their cleavage and exposed midriff? And Dust, who one of the coolest things about her is that she shows she can wear the niqab and still be a total kickass hero, is in pretty much the same get-up. Ugh.

As comics go, this is a waste of time.