And so I dip my toe into what is generally considered to be one of the most frustrating storylines in recent Marvel history. It’s not difficult to see why it had so many people grinding their teeth and printing up Cyclops was right t-shirts. It’s utterly unfathomable anyone’s intentions and motivations or why there seems to be any disagreement.

Wolverine thinks the Phoenix Force will destroy the earth. Cyclops points out that it could have done that a bijillion times by now if it’d wanted, and actually we seem to be its pet project planet. He figures that it’s probably realised what a shitty condition Earth’s mutants are in and is coming to undo the M-Day effects or at least jump-start the whole mutant race deal. Here’s the thing – if Cyclops is right, Wolverine is only going to scare and traumatise a young girl who has to be kept exceptionally level-headed in the next few days; if Wolverine is right, then drumroll . . . who better to deal with it the the X-Men and Cyclops who has the most experience of all? What makes the Avengers the experts all of a sudden? Surely if the Avengers were concerned they would go to the people with most experience of defeating/dealing with the Phoenix Force which would be, again, Cyclops and the X-Men? Suddenly they think they know better than everyone else? And for what reason exactly?

Yeah, and Captain America shows up like the big blue swaggering dick he is and can’t understand why anyone anywhere wouldn’t just roll over and show their belly when he said so. Bell end. And immediately wants to know whose side Wolverine is on. Good, so there’s healthy dialogue going on yeah? I get that this is a superhero comic, and everyone expects and wants a big fight, but Jesus! You can’t just have everyone jump on each other without it making sense! Why, after everything Cyclops and the X-Men have done to protect Earth would Captain America treat them like they’re villains who’ve already blown all their chances to be trusted? Star-spangled prick.

Also, Phoenix-possessed Cyclops creating flowers where he walks – ooh ominous! Bitch, please.

Yet another example of this weak-ass line’s love for lots and lots of fight scenes (in which you can’t quite see what’s actually going on). Getting marginally better though.