It’s called Sex and Violence so you can’t complain when that’s exactly what you get. This is basically porn. No seriously, I’ve seen X-Men porn (because it’s impossible to avoid seeing everything on the internet, especially when you’re Googling it) and this is exactly what it looks like. Only this has the wafts of story hanging round about it.

All the artwork is black and white and red, to give it that noirish fuckfest look it’s going for. This is at times bizarre, with cars driving up flesh red alleys all blurred with speed lines, until it looks like they’re driving inside someone’s vaginal canal. Cue women covered in sexy wounds that each look like a pouting fanny. Problematic.

I would even go so far as to say I enjoyed this book, because I read it with my brain turned off and my eyes glued to Domino’s butt. That’s the only way I recommend you read it. Keep it next to your copy of Lost Girls.