Right, here’s the deal. I’ve ran out of audiobooks. That’s it, I’ve exhausted the internet. So I’m now reading stuff I really should be reading when all I wanna do is reread Sookie Stackhouse. I am a base creature with base needs. So I’m reading The Prince.

But oh no, I’m not really reading The Prince! Because this audiobook file came with the death-knell letters BBC after it, which usually means either what you are about to get is a dramatisation, not a reading, or it’s gonna be abridged to fuck. So this is abridged to fuck.

Also, because it was written in The Past, they feel the need to remind you that what are listening to was written in The Past by playing a skirl of minstrel music every 6 minutes into your ear. Get it, it’s old!

Also, it is a uniform rule of audiobooks everywhere that the longer an introduction there is of some awful twat informing you of the monumental importance of a book, invariably the less enjoyable it is to read. There’s a direct correspondence, it’s a fact. In this case the awful twat in question was Nick Robinson, making the situation even worse.

All of which leaves me with very little to say about The Prince, except I’m probably never going to read any more than the few snippets I got here and that’s probably for the best.