Excellent. Such a good story. Up there with his best. Stephen King himself is enjoying a revival of a sort, with his most recent stuff better than anything he’s written since the early 90s. If you drifted away from him during Needful Things, make this your return book. Everything you could want from a Stephen King novel. H. P. Lovecraft with shades of Ray Bradbury flavouring the science versus religion pursuit of truth theme, highlighting our acceptance of the spectacular as everyday. Great stuff.

Reverend Jacobs makes for sympathetic and understandable villain, slowly growing in horror and mania until his character is terrifying. The plot itself is tight. Although with the fullness of Stephen King worlds, the story nonetheless moves quickly through the points of meeting of the two main characters, first when Jamie is 6, then in his 30s, then in his 50s, then almost 60. At core the story has the plain simplicity of a classic horror story.

Revival has the sinister answer to the question where would a magician or mad scientist go in today’s world to practice his black arts? He’d go where everyone was expecting not to believe what they see. And those places are many. Highly recommend.