Jake was gay, right? Y’all read that the same as me? The man he loved dearly on the ranch but turns against when he finds out he’s a mad shagger of women, and has nothing but contempt for the humps he leaves behind, that’s clearly a thinly veiled queer story, I’d bet my buttons on it. You don’t knock someone’s nose into their skull because you’re disappointed in a pal.

I really, really didn’t like this book. I adore Daphne Du Maurier and she writes this beautifully but I couldn’t stand the main character. Privileged young white guy goes from being eyeball-clawingly ignorant to being slightly less ignorant. It was a coming-of-age story for a wee twerp I’d cheerfully have punted into the Clyde. Drifted off and didn’t finish. Couldn’t bare him that much.