As anyone who loves 90s Star Trek knows, every Chief O’Brien episode of DS9 can be summarised with “Something awful happens to Chief O’Brien”. But what about all the time he was in TNG, between hooking up with Keiko and transporting his captain into pre-pubescence? The answer is hanging around like a spare prick waiting for someone to need beamed someplace. That is if they didn’t feel like getting the computer to do it. Or use one of the other transporter rooms. Or take a shuttle.

Chief O’Brien is Dilbert meets Star Trek. It has the same tone as the early Red Dwarf series – finding yourself in the vastness of space, the limitless possibilities, and doing the same tedious job in the same tedious place day after day. Only in Star Trek it makes even less sense, since you don’t get paid money, since money is obsolete, so you’re really volunteering to stand around like a spare prick to give yourself the illusion of usefulness.

For anyone who loves Star Trek and loves picking Star Trek apart, I give you Chief O’Brien At Work. Something awful happens to Chief O’Brien.