Man, Xavier’s catching a lot of bullets these days. After some silliness regarding Mister Sinister’s potential resurrection from comic book death #twenty-billion, this storyline concludes the journey of self-discovery Xavier goes on to recover his memories and build a new sense of self. He’s taught his final lesson by, of all people, Emma Frost. Such a turn around to have the White Queen educate Professor X on morality! She even bitchslaps him at one point (go Emma!)

What I like about this is that she allows him neither the self-indulgence of crucifixion for his crimes nor exculpation for his motives. She shows him himself and forces him to understand the main flaw behind it all. Arrogance. Reflecting what was said in ‘Divided He Stands’, his destructive drive comes from believing he is more than what he is – one man, as capable of failings and flaws, cruelties and deception, as anyone else. Not the embodiment for the hope of mankind, not someone whose motives are so beyond reproach and faced with such evil that he can take it for granted that any action he chooses to take is justified. Not someone who saw so much further than everyone else that he was fit to lead and mold a generation. Just a man. Someone who made decisions and will have to live with the consequences like the stupid rest of us.

I like that Emma is guiding this last part, as she made her mistakes early and has spent the latter half of her life in redemption. In doing so, she knows herself well and has close scrutiny of her motives and understands, even with all this, she will occasionally fail. For her to pass this lesson on to Xavier, who saw himself always as the teacher, without needing to question himself, is a deliberate reversal of X-Men tradition, an iconoclasm of the revered who was too fond of handing down benediction to others.

Good story.