Kinda pleased with myself that I can recognise “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” in Latin on sight.

More of Legion’s multiple personalities have taken physical form and run amok. You do get the feeling that he is one of those mutants that should just be terminated for safety’s sake. I mean, fair play, not his fault, but still. If they talked about putting Wanda out of her misery when her reality-bending got right shifty, I don’t know why no one’s voicing the same concerns after Legion’s Age of X nonsense. I suppose Magneto is, but then that’s just coz he’s naturally trigger-happy and going cold turkey.

Also doesn’t anyone else think it’s creepy that one of Legion’s personalities is a little girl who makes people want to spontaneously fuck in front of her while she eats their orgasms? Or is that just how I read that? Either way, so wrong.

All in all, good fun.