A documentary about a vegan filmmaker following a 73-year-old ex-colonial soldier on one last big game hunt.
I enjoyed it overall, the main character is definitely a compelling and intriguing anachronism, but the narration by the filmmaker is unnecessary, and in some ways detracts from the film overall. It needlessly underlines the obvious, and his voice is irritating. It’s not the tone, it’s that he comes off as a nyaff. It’s difficult in a film with a racist, homophobic, rabbit-killing, buffalo-shooting old bastard to come off as the unlikable one, but he somehow manages it. It’s like, mate, you’re in the right, just do nothing and people’ll be one your side. Don’t show folk photos of you bravely sitting alone eating a virtuous vegan dinner on Christmas to get our sympathies, you come off as a wank.
Surprisingly, despite being made by someone with vegan values, there’s no attempts in the film to counterpoint or correct some of the absolute tosh spouted in the film about hunting being vital to conservation. It’s fine for the film to be a character study of this very funny old man without need to constantly call him out on his opinions, but to allow it to become a vehicle for bullshit pro-hunting arguments really shouldn’t go unchallenged.
Overall good but there’s a lot of footage of animals being skinned and gutted, so if that’s not your thing, maybe gie it a by.