Watching North and South and Thornton says to the strikers “Kill me if you want!” and I’m shouting at the tv, “They should fucking kill you! You’re a fucking murderer! Starving weans’ blood is on yer very fine collar, ya cunt!”

Not really getting into the mood of this period romance.

Why does she even like this guy? I know he’s braw but he comes off as a complete cunthole. And not a good cunthole, like the ones that bring joy to everyone they meet, but a bad cunthole, like one that is full of spiders, broken glass and the tangled up hair from the washing machine.  #cannaegetawideonfortheenemy

As for Margaret, I struggle to see her as anything other than the annoying Christian out of Eastenders. Especially since she’s still essentially playing an annoying Christian in this.

Margaret’s like, “Mr. Thornton’s very kind to us.” WHEN?! He paid yer da for tutoring what must have been a couple of shilling or what a week – that’s it! Short of fancying you, he’s done hee-haw McGraw.

Then she’s swooning over him because he got a bent copper to look the other way when it came to the woman he wanted to shag. Ooh, what a man! Not just able to turn capital to his advantage but the law as well, what a turn on. Everyone in this can get fucked.

And for the finale – Yeay! Now she owns a mill, just like the one that filled up her pal’s lungs with fluff until she drowned in clear air a fraction of the way into her life! But he looks good in those togs so *shrug*. Seriously fuck everyone in this.