There were 4 Hills Have Eyes-type brothers and they persuaded their little sister to go on this makeshift swing they’d made out back. It was too high off the ground so they had to lift her up into it. They began swinging her back and forth, which at first she enjoyed, as underneath her the brothers started to stack sticks. Finally their purpose became clear when one of them lit a match and set a fire underneath her. They poured fuel on it so it became a huge roaring bonfire. Then her brothers took turns swinging over her over the flames, roasting her.
Because the seat of the swing had been made out of half an old tyre, the rubber melted and fused to her skin. She couldn’t jumped down or get off. Then her clothes caught fire and began to burn away. She held her hands crossed over her chest in a protective gesture that did no good. By the time they were finished with her, her fingers had fused together as the skin began to melt, her hands and feet had become blackened scabs. Her back was smooth, red and shiny, like gum.
It seemed to go on forever but they finally decided to cut her down. One brother took a hinged knife out his pocket and cut through the side of the rubber seat. When she fell to the ground, her body was rigid, her legs stayed straight up at right angles, like an inverted L. They had to pries the rubber seat off her, taking with it a crust of skin. They looked down at her. She was blind as skin had melted over her eyes like wax, sealing them forever. Her lips had fused shut after she had burnt her throat screaming. Her nose was burnt back to the bone, and yet she was still alive in there, still breathing, in unimaginable agony.
Her brother placed his hands inside her knees and pushed her legs apart. At the seam where her thighs met her pelvis, the skin split open and the flesh beneath looked like raw, red, ground chuck. The bone on one side broke and splinters protruded through the mince. Then they began to rape her.
And then I woke up.