Woke up on my side in the dark last night. Couldn’t move but felt the covers lift and the weight of a body settle in behind me. While I’m blearily thinking, “Is this my lover? Did I sleep with someone last night?”, I feel a pressure on the back of my head along with something sharp.

As usual, I can’t turn my head but I believe I can move one arm. I reach behind me to feel what’s pushing on me, and what I feel is multiple hands, dozens of fingers splayed against the back of my head, all pressing on me. At that point I’m like, “Okay, this is sleep paralysis. Stay calm.” But the sharp bit at the base of my skull is jagging into me so I slide my hand down it. What I feel is two sharp teeth, crooked. As I slide my fingers along them, I recognise them as my own lower front teeth. I try not to panic as I picture the thing behind, a contorted and multiplied form of myself, snarling in my hair behind me.

Then the pressure increases and I start to panic. It’s going to push me out of bed and take my place. I can’t move to stop myself, can’t look away or even close my eyes. I feel my weight lean over the bed’s edge, anticipate my fall and – wake up. For real this time. Fucking sleep paralysis.