My Monster Boyfriend, or Everyone Likes A Cocksucker.

For anyone who knows me but who might not want to be exposed to any over-sharing on my part, this is your get-out sentence. Read no further.

TENTACLE PORN! Full of excellent tentacle porn. I loves some tentacle porn, me. It sits on the line between the erotic and horrific, and that’s a place I like to go – take a day trip, pitch a tent, enjoy the view. This has primo tentacle porn for y’all.

In fact it has excellent porn of all sorts, so long as you like the dong. Dongs a plenty here. Very splooshy. There’s dragon shagging, a two-spirit indigenous woman doing a male harpy, a vampire with a paper mache replica Tokyo dick-cosy. Top notch!

The art and writing talent in this reads like a who’s who in the field of sexy/romantic comics – Jess Fink of Chester 5000, Trudy Cooper of Oglaf, E. K. Weaver of TJ and Amal, and as always Spike Trotman, the Smut Peddlar fannymaster. Also Gail Simone, who’s not my go-to when I think of hard-on inspiring writing, but whose work here with Trudy Cooper is among the funniest pieces.

All wheat, no chaff – get your rocks off here!